Bohemian Craft Beer Tasting

Taste 8 Top Beers from Czech Craft Breweries

Bohemian Craft Beer Tasting
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  • schedule Thursdays at 16:00
  • face Monday-Sunday for private groups of 4+.
  • payment 890 CZK
Taste and experience a comprehensive perspective of Czech beer styles! You’ll taste 8 top of the line beers from micro-brewers, covering everything from lagers to more unique and seasonal styles. Fun and educational, you’ll leave our beer tasting full of beer knowledge!

Our professionally led beer tasting is a fun event designed to educate anyone whose taste buds are curious about beer to a more seasoned drinker. 8 remarkable Czech beers are presented, each a different style.

This beer tasting takes place at Lya Beer Café.

  • check_circleSample 8 quality craft beers
  • check_circleProfessionally guided beer tasting
  • check_circleBeer tasting kit
  • check_circleLearn about the different beer styles and brewing processes
  • check_circleVisit one of Prague's best craft beer bars

Happy Customers





Fun & challenging beer tasting event!

A great evening where we had to guess a number of beers in a blind test after Sarah showed the beers and gave us interesting information about each beer. It was fun to both guess the beer as well as make your own assessment and discuss with the other participants.





Great activity for beer lovers

We found the blind beer tasting was challenging and learnt a lot about the different types of beer. The guides (Sarah and Travis) were very knowledgable, helpful and friendly. We had a great time and would recommend for all beer lovers.

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We highly recommend this tasting experience!

We were a group of 13 traveling to Prague for a weekend, and we went to the Blind Beer Tasting hosted by Bohemian Brews. It was a great experience! We tried 8 different types of beer (you get 8 full glasses each), and it was interesting and fun to try to identify each of them based on flavor and smell. Sarah was so helpful in advance, and gave us tips to other bars and restaurants in Prague. We highly recommend this tasting experience!

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